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For Every Moment You're Away

It's Another Moment That We Stay

For support and friendships
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Supporting our military

This community is for everyone.
If you have a friend, spouse, family member, or dating someone in the military, you may join!
As long as you support the military, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

The rules are made to make this place a happy community to support and share any experience regarding the military and our servicewomen/ servicemen. Upon breaking a rule, you will be issued one warning, after that you will be banned.

  1. Practice the rules of OPerational SECurity. For a list of what you cannot say or do involving the internet and OPSEC, click HERE or for much more information, click here.

  2. SUPPORT one another. We are united by a bond of love and understanding. Please don't betray one another.

  3. Use normal text. No large fonts, no altered colors, no centering.

  4. Do not disable, screen, or delete comments made by other members. Do not delete posts. If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  5. Do not remove text from the original entry. Feel free to edit the post with more information or context.

  6. Linking to locked posts is not allowed.

  7. Screen-capturing a locked post will get you banned.

  8. An LJ cut is to be used when posting large pictures or YouTube embeds. Spare our friends pages. Some members are stuck in the '90s and may have dial-up. Here is also a step-by-step picture tutorial that bloodpara posted.

  9. Please use subjects and tags for things you believe people will look up or that you have questions to. We don't need tags for things like 'today we had a fight', however, things like off-topic distractions (which should really be reserved to the mods posting those, generally speaking), deployment questions, military balls, OPSEC, DEERS, et cetera do need to be tagged.

  10. If you don't spell or type correctly, we can ban you. Some internet speak is okay, but don't be obsessive. We determine what is obsessive. UR SO KOOL LYKE OMG I LUVS U!!! Is not okay. Prove you have an IQ over 70, okay? You can always click "check spelling" before posting, so please spare our brains. Or download and use the Firefox web browser, as it underlines misspelled words as you type them. It also gives you corrections to choose from when you right-click the underlined words. Be smart, use your brain, and use your spell-checker.

We reserve the right to change, add, and modify all rules at anytime without notice.

Please check the tags list before you post the same question that someone posted about 3 entries down.
You can view the community's tags here:

(Copy, paste, fill in.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on our personal journals, or contact us at militarylovemod @ gmail dot com.

For the normal military talk:
For the ICON loving members:
For FUN and LOLZ:
For those who want to HELP
operationboh (Bag of home!)

Layout by renegade_faith
Icons by renegade_faith and by cru5h

Disclaimer: We use the word soldier for lack of a better term to describe our Servicemen. We are not trying to exclude anyone. This community is to support our Marines, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, the Reserves, etc...